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Announcing our new clients NBCUniversal and Target

17 July 2017

And now, a very exciting Q&A:

How have we become one of the fastest-growing agencies in the world?  

By working with companies like Target and NBCUniversal. They’ve chosen to consolidate their North American media with us, bringing our media billings to almost $3 billion. NBCU is transitioning from Maxus, while Target's Team Arrow, currently with GroupM, will move completely under our umbrella.

How will we support these rapidly growing partnerships?

With incredible talent. Leading the NBCU team will be Pam Sullivan, currently the Managing Director of Maxus LA. Jason Harrison, the founding CEO of Team Arrow, will continue to lead the Target relationship. The NBCU team has 230 people, Team Arrow 100.

How will we welcome over 300 new team members?

By expanding in New York and opening locations in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Toronto over the next six months.

Because if we’re expanding across the globe, why not the universe?

Exactly. With our analytics expertise, we definitely know how to reach a target.

How did we win this new business?

Not with puns, we can tell you that.

How can I learn more about this announcement?

By going to Ad Age.