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Challenging unconscious bias

15 January 2016

Do you have a conscious or unconscious bias? What are you biased against and what impact does that have on your personal and professional life? 

In the first of a series of diversity-themed events, talks and workshops, we set out to explore those and other questions with the help of the brilliant Dr Dionne Wright Poulton, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant. Dr Poulton challenged our team in San Francisco to identify unconscious biases in our everyday lives, like racial or gender bias as well as positionality, and invited us to debate the impact of media on perception and identity as well as mitigating biases and assumptions in the workplace. 


Dr Dionne Poulton is a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant with 15 years of experience specializing in adult education, adult learning and behavior, intercultural dialogue, and addressing and mitigating bias in the workplace.  She's the author of the critically acclaimed book "It's Not Always Racist... But Sometimes It Is".