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Essence announces Olive Integration via Adweek

Essence recently announced the integration of bespoke machine learning-powered bid-optimization into Olive, the agency’s proprietary media management software via Adweek.

The integration now makes it easy for our employees, and clients, to use the power of machine learning to drive campaign performance at scale by combining Olive’s easy to use interface with scoring mechanisms developed by Essence’s analytics and data strategy teams.

During testing, campaigns utilizing this new machine learning-enhanced approach outperformed all other methods, achieving improvements in brand lift over and above well-performing control initiatives. Impression share on premium inventory more than tripled while cost per viewable impression fell by 34% compared to control initiatives, without any negative impact on the scale.

For more details about how Olive will make an impact, and what co-founder Andrew had to say about the integration and industry, visit Adweek.