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Essence does Earth Week 2018

April 22 marked Earth Day, an annual celebration of the world’s largest environmental movement built and activated by the Earth Day Network. This year, it is dedicated to providing the information and inspiration needed to fundamentally change our attitude and behavior about plastic: End Plastic Pollution.

Our Global Citizenship teams around the Essence world turned Earth Day into Earth Week with the aim to raise awareness, educate and transform attitudes towards green and sustainable living. In the course of a week, we

  • hosted TED-like talks about wonky fruit, sustainable food, and zero waste living
  • have made hundreds of commitments to Mother Earth by looking for ways to decrease pollution, spread awareness and educate ourselves and others
  • signed the Earth Day petition calling for a ban on the 100s of millions of plastic waste produced every year
  • screened environmental documentaries, like “Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” to inspire attitude and behavior change
  • ran a number of workshops for creating air-purifying and -humidifying terrariums (check out the gallery for impressions)
  • reduced the single-use plastic in the office
  • encouraged our teams to say ‘no’ to disposable cups, straws, takeaway containers and utensils
  • offset air miles and sheets of paper used for printing by planting trees


And that’s just the beginning. Following the shining examples of our team in Seattle who gained the EnviroStar certification in 2017, our Green Teams far and wide are committed to keeping up the momentum by driving activities and initiatives that help reduce waste and encourage the recycling and reusing of materials that we use every day.

Find out more about the Earth Day campaign here.