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Essence on the move

8 May 2014

In the short span of two years, Essence has changed a lot.

We opened new offices in Seattle, San Francisco and Singapore. We’ve served more markets and more time zones than ever before. And the number of new Essentials joining the family have truly made us move closer together.

The stuff that Essence is made of has become richer and more diverse, and has opened our minds (and hearts) to new possibilities and ways of thinking. The places we’ve inhabited, however, stayed the same.

So it was time for us to move on and we’re looking forward to welcoming you in our new offices in London, New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Singapore.

Matt Isaacs, Founder and Global CEO, said:
“We wanted to create a fun and supportive environment for our people. It's very important to our success that our people in London, New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Singapore have space to be themselves and mingle with each other. We believe it will help us make the most of our diverse team - to be our best and most innovative."

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