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Google Fiber wins bronze at the North America Effie Awards

11 June 2014

Google Fiber won bronze at the 2014 North American Effie Awards in the category of "Internet/Telecom". We were thrilled to have played our part in this fantastic campaign.

But let’s back up a little bit. In 2012, Google set out to launch a fiber optic network - Google Fiber - providing Internet service 100 times faster than broadband. In only six weeks, Google needed to encourage 60 percent of the Kansas City neighborhoods to leave their existing internet and TV contract and sign up to Google Fiber. The campaign teams delivered a smart integrated marketing plan and created a social movement for Google Fiber. Together with Venables Bell & Partners, OMG, Enso and Wolff Olins, we helped Kansas Citians to understand what Google Fiber could do for them: 100 times faster than broadband, 100 times the possibilities. An incredible 90 percent of Kansas City’s neighborhoods signed up - thanks, K.C., for making this such a great success!

The Effie Awards celebrate effective marketing campaigns around the world. The awards program have become a global symbol of achievement since its inception in 1968, making us especially proud to have our name up there.

Want to learn more about the Google Fiber campaign? Check out the case study on Vimeo.