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Google Pixel presents GOODFest

1 December 2016

Featuring “5 Shows. 5 Cities. 5 Causes.”, GOOD and Pixel, a phone by Google, collaborated with major artists and innovative nonprofits to bring you "GOODFest", a modern, livestreamed, digital musical festival. We're psyched to play our part.

Each GOODFest show will be livestreamed on YouTube Live and Facebook Live with limited capacity for in-person attendees, with a GOODFest experience filmed for virtual reality distribution on Google’s new VR headset Daydream. The Pixel will be used to capture photos and behind-the-scenes content, highlighting its superior low-light capabilities. People can sign up for reminders, donate to causes, and purchase tickets. 100% of the proceeds go to charitable causes.

Eddie Revis, our NA Director of Partnerships and Emerging Media, commented: “We’re thrilled to develop innovative programs like this with GOOD that continue to blur the lines between creative, media and technology. With the launch of GOODFest, we’re continuing to re-define what content and captivating experiences mean for tomorrow through the use of digital festivals and virtual reality today. Our work with GOOD, their platform and their audience is integral to the success of the program.” 

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