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Google’s “Banners with Brains” wins OMMA’s Mobile Marketing award

11 October 2016

We couldn't be more proud that "Banners with Brains", our work with Google and Google's Search app, won the prestigious MediaPost's OMMA awards in the category "Mobile Marketing". 

What's "Banners with Brains"?

Most people still use their browsers to search for things through Google, but the search giant wanted to turn people to its app, which is able to provide location-contextual data. Essence ran an ad campaign based on the most common Google searches in specific locations, e.g. “why do foul balls count as strikes,” in a baseball stadium, or “how tall is Niagara Falls,” next to Niagara Falls. The campaign increased awareness of the app and the engagement of existing app users. Watch the video below for more details: