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L’Oréal Selects Essence to Manage Media Planning and Buying

The new partnership between Essence and L’Oréal will see the formation of Beauty Tech Labs - a dedicated client-agency team powered by Essence’s and L’Oréal’s technology, operational expertise and talent with seamless access to insights, knowledge, and resources from across WPP. The integrated team will enable real-time collaboration, enhancing the intelligence and agility of L’Oréal’s marketing as the company transforms the online and physical shopping experiences it offers consumers.

L’Oréal’s ambition to become the leading beauty tech company, delivering beauty as a service to
millions, one at a time, acted as the guiding principle behind their media agency review process.

“We’re proud to be a leading beauty tech innovator and digital-first company, and will always push ourselves to do more to transform the beauty experience for both consumers and the category at large. This newly formed partnership with Essence and WPP ensures we continue to push those boundaries, evolve as a business and grow together through better, technology-driven consumer experiences,” said Vismay Sharma, Managing Director, L’Oréal UK and Ireland.

Tim Irwin, Essence EMEA CEO, added, “We are excited to help L’Oréal in the next phase of their
transformation journey and share a deep-rooted belief in using technology to create better experiences for customers. We're not only looking forward to building a new model for client/agency collaboration but to set new standards for what is possible in data analytics and media innovation.”

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