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Sharing Some #Q4Love

Where can you find a petting zoo, a spa and a food truck in the same place? At our offices, of course.

Q4 is often the busiest quarter of the year for digital marketers. The rush in those final months, especially during the holidays, requires dedication, supreme focus and hard work. That’s why we decided to do a little counter-programming in Q4 2016 and shook up our busy schedules with an initiative we called #Q4Love.

Throughout the quarter, our People teams in each office planned fun activities and surprise giveaways, timing the pick-me-ups for right when our employees needed them the most. Coffee and boba tea, tacos and ice cream, massages and spin classes: there was something for everyone. Our office in Seattle even spent some time with puppies and bunnies, making a convincing case for why picking up an adorable animal might be the ultimate pick-me-up.

We’ll always have chaotic Q4’s, which is why we wanted to say “thank you” during that time. It’s important to us that every employee feels invested in, engaged with and cared for, but there are many ways to achieve the goal. Sometimes it’s a check-in with your manager, and sometimes, it’s boba tea and a bunny.