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Stories, programs and conversation: the role of [email protected] in our workplace

13 October 2017

One of our goals at Essence is to make sure everyone feels cared for; that’s a key part of our people proposition. One way in which we commit to this proposition is through our [email protected] affinity group, which is dedicated to:

- Providing training and information and raising awareness of issues the LGBT+ community faces in and out of the workplace

- Ensuring Essence is fully experienced as a safe space for LGBT+ people to work

- Celebrating the diversity of the LGBT+ community through a range of events

Led by [email protected], we commemorated National Coming Out Day this week. We gathered coming out stories from team members in every office, from both LGBT+ people and allies of LGBT+, and shared them globally. They’re stories of love, pain, community, insecurity and so much more, but no matter the tale, all stories feature someone embracing and declaring their identity. In sharing these stories, [email protected] has created a catalyst for conversation and expanded allies’ understanding of such a personal milestone.

The group doesn’t only focus on key dates in the LGBT+ annual calendar. We’ve partnered with Stonewall, a UK-based non-profit working for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans equality, and joined the organization’s Diversity Champions program. Through this program, we have access to educational materials and resources to further the dialogue about identity and equality and help us continue to build a workplace that’s welcoming to all people.

Whether it’s sharing stories, running workshops, or facilitating conversations between LGBT+ people and allies, we create initiatives to make sure all people feel cared for at Essence. [email protected] truly embodies our people proposition.