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Two new leaders for India and beyond

28 August 2017

It’s been a year since we opened our office in Delhi. Like any first year of a relationship, we’ve spent that time learning and growing together. Now, as we cross the one-year mark, we’re expanding not just within India but around the world. That's why in Delhi we celebrated our first anniversary by enjoying some cake, sharing some memories, and hiring two new senior leaders for APAC.

Anand Chakravarthy, currently the Managing Partner at Maxus India, will become Managing Director of Essence India. He'll be based in Delhi. T. Gangadhar, based in Mumbai, is presently the Managing Director of MEC South Asia. He'll take on the dual roles of Chairman of India and Managing Director of North Asia. Both will transition into these roles in January 2018, with Chakravarthy reporting into Gangadhar, who will report into our APAC CEO Kyoko Matsushita.

We’re in this relationship for the long haul, which is why we want to work with two experienced leaders who know how to sell global brands in such a complex market. We really enjoy cake, but if we could only choose one way to commemorate our second anniversary in Delhi, it would be celebrating the achievements of Gangadhar, Chakravarthy, and the rest of our growing team in APAC.

To learn more about our new hires, check out Campaign India.