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Welcome, MaryLynn O’Neil

5 April 2017

MaryLynn O’Neil has traveled all over the world, living and working in Spain, Morocco, the US, and the UAE. Now she’s arrived in Singapore as our new Regional Resource Management and Recruitment Director for APAC.

That title means she's a double threat. Previously the Regional Director of Recruitment for R/GA, she established their Resource Management team in the region. She will surely contribute even more to our burgeoning RM global practice.

Plus, we’re thrilled she’ll now be using her skills to recruit top talent on our behalf. There’s no question that she’s developed an acute understanding of people in her time as a world traveler. That will definitely continue: she’ll cover our Delhi, Sydney, and Tokyo offices in addition to her homebase in Singapore.

MaryLynn will report to Jennifer Remling, Chief Talent Officer. You can learn more in Digital Market Asia.