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We’re heading to Los Angeles!

22 May 2017

Many of our office locations are known for irritating weather: extreme heat, extreme cold, rain, wind, wind that carries trash smells with it. It’s about time we chose a locale known for its warmth and sunlight: Los Angeles.

Five years after opening our San Francisco office, we’re heading down the Pacific Coast Highway and putting down roots in SoCal. We’re looking forward to developing new partnerships in LA and designing new work that's as inventive as the best creations that come out of Hollywood. Longtime leaders from our New York office are relocating to the Golden State, joined by some West Coast hires that are critical for our new venture. Heading up the team is a soon-to-be former New Yorker, Client Partner and Digital Lead Michael Thomas.

It’s really no surprise we’re this excited. We’re an upbeat bunch: no matter which city we’re in and how much we have to battle the elements, we know that every change is an opportunity. We’d be thrilled to open a new office anywhere… but it’s fitting that we'll finally be in a place that matches the disposition of our teams.