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Willkommen to our new office in Düsseldorf

24 August 2017

Driving from our EMEA regional hub in London to Düsseldorf takes only six and a half hours, a surprisingly short time to get from the United Kingdom to Deutschland. That’s good for us; as a result of GroupM’s increased investment in Essence, we’re opening an office there.

Expanding to Düsseldorf, though, means a lot more than buying some petrol and taking the Channel Tunnel train. It means establishing a base on the Continent from which to provide more local support in the region. It means working with a whole new team of offline experts, led by our incoming Managing Director of Germany, Christian Leipacher, currently the MD of Maxus Germany. It means getting to write and say “Düsseldorf” way more often than ever before.

This new adventure means lots of good things, is what we’re saying. We’re eager to metaphorically hop on the Autobahn and hightail it to our new home in Germany.

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