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In 2016, Indonesia was the third largest smartphone market in Asia: 65 million people carried supercomputers in their pockets. But as soon as they left their homes and Wi-Fi connections, they stopped watching videos due to costly data and terrible network connections.

To address these issues, YouTube created a feature that allowed people to select videos when they’re on Wi-Fi and watch them offline later without worrying about their data or their connection.

To get Indonesians to use this feature, all we had to do was change the video viewing habits of an entire country.



The target audience was 18 to 35-year-old smartphone users who watch YouTube occasionally, which makes up 70% of YouTube’s audience in Indonesia. This group could become frequent app users... if they had more data.

Our objective was to increase offline watchtime in the country by 4.5% within 10 weeks, thus increasing the number of ads viewed and revenue to YouTube. To do that we needed to make our audience aware of the offline feature with content, not ads, that would appeal to them.


We dove into analyzing viewing habits on YouTube and grouped viewers based on their interest in popular content categories, like comedy, food, and beauty. This allowed us to pinpoint moments when they were most likely to watch videos, such as morning, lunchtime, and weekday evenings.

Using these data points, we partnered with 28 of Indonesia’s most popular YouTube creators to create dynamic banners. By merging our data and our design, we increased our presence during key download times while also sharing captivating content for that particular moment in viewers’ lives.



Growth in offline watch time



Increase in overall watch time

The development of the dynamic banners, designed to respect the data limitations of the audience and market factors like connection speed and ad technology, was a success in itself: it was a first-of-its-kind creative endeavor for YouTube in APAC.

We exceeded our objective, driving YouTube offline watch time up by 8%, almost double our goal. Our media had a halo effect, too; overall YouTube watch time increased by 11%.


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