Our points of difference

We work with clients who want to drive transformational change in marketing.

We’re designed to support engaged, forward thinking clients, who want to lean in, learn, experiment and push the boundaries of the space, adopting a transformative mandate for their industry and a progressive learning agenda with their agency.

We have a people promise that delivers industry leading retention and employee satisfaction.

By investing in, engaging with and caring for our people, we sustainably achieve record lows in staff attrition and top quartile employee satisfaction. This leaves employees confident and empowered to further the client agenda and challenge convention.

We have the ability to bridge analog and digital realms with data to reduce waste and close the measurement loop.

We bridge the digital and analog worlds using unique modelling techniques, granular device data and WPP’s rich data spine to reduce waste and close the measurement loop.

We have an open book culture of transparency, experimentation, and long-term value creation through learning.

Our common understanding begins with full disclosure of income but extends into a pervasive culture of feedback, unwavering respect for the truth, honesty about what we don’t yet understand and hunger to improve through genuine analytics woven into the very fabric of our agency. We insist that clients’ technology choices and data are their own and that our role is to provide objective expertise.

We have a software-enabled service proposition that gets the very best from our people with unique technology.

To focus our people on the stuff that matters, we’ve adopted a software enabled service model, combining unique Essence-built platforms with precision engineered global processes to guarantee consistent work quality and innovation everywhere we operate.

We have deep belief in the power of user-centric planning, built on the same truth for creative and media.

We’ve proven that respectful, additive creative performs better, and performs best when we lift the antiquated divider between creative and media. We build on a single audience truth to craft experiences that are relevant, effective and data-driven, isolating the metrics that really map to business outcomes, never vanity or convenience.



Our structure

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