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Oscar Garza and Brian Krick take on new roles

2 May 2017

Don’t let the genteel networking events and polite email sign-offs fool you: digital advertising is war. Good thing we have Oscar Garza and Brian Krick on our side.

Oscar, formerly our global programmatic lead, is now Global Head of Activation. After acting as our performance marketing lead, Brian has taken on the role of Global Director of Media Planning. These changes are a part of our global redesign, in which we reorganized our teams into new battalions and armed everyone with new skills and knowledge.

Both Oscar and Brian have spent years in the digital trenches. Before they joined us, Brian spent 12 years at Razorfish, while Oscar led programmatic for the in-house media team at Electronic Arts. When they arrived here, in 2013 and 2014 respectively, they brought tactical and strategic expertise and more than a few battle scars. Now, these two warriors will lead our charge into the future. We expect to see a lot of victories from them on the media battlefield.

Oscar and Brian will continue to report into Andrew Shebbeare, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. Learn more on MediaPost.