Pret A Manger wanted to take its friendly, top-of-the-class in-store customer philosophy and engage with its customers through a new mobile presence to increase brand awareness and drive footfall.



We wanted to replicate the outstanding service and convenience of Pret’s shops and take it beyond a responsive mobile site to deliver time and location aware contextual messaging — with the magic behind its interface barely noticeable for the user.

We immersed ourselves in the brand by spending time in the stores with the Pret staff. We quizzed them about their customers, daily routine and what makes Pret so special.

Pret’s core values have informed each stage of the build and Essence challenged us every step of the way to explore different avenues and deliver what is best for our customers. This has all led to us creating a dynamic mobile experience that is truly innovative. I am delighted with the fantastic mobile website we have produced together.

Jamie McRonald

Online Marketing and Web Manager, Pret A Manger


We employed a unique Perceptive Design approach that combines real-time context sensing, physical and virtual data interpretation and responsive optimisation to deliver a seamless brand experience incorporating Pret’s instantly recognisable imagery and messaging.

Time of day and proximity information delivers contextualised content and messaging to users instantly rather than making them work to find it.

We combined Facebook SDK integration, Google location services, HTML5 & CSS3 Web technologies, PHP/Zend Framework and 3rd party feed integration to build a super-fast and highly interactive site.





Page Views


Bounce Rate


Download Time

The site attracted 52,000 visitors and 235,000 page views in the first month with no formal advertising. The bounce rate has been 14.85% (way below industry standard) and has seen average dwell times of over four minutes. Assets are cached using an HTML5 manifest file to achieve an average download time of 0.58sec per page creating an experience as fast-moving as the queue in a Pret Shop. The 740 BlackBerry visitors we’ve had enjoyed that the site actually works on their phone – their average dwell time was 6m 49s! Third party feedback from Zoonou included “The mobile site has proven to be excellent in nearly all regards” and “functionally excellent.”

View the video case study to see our solution in action