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Helping brands accelerate digital marketing transformation and business growth, while navigating the shifting online data and identity landscape.

Essence Data Health Check was developed to help brands achieve effective business outcomes from their digital marketing activities by advancing their audience data strategy. Part of Essence’s consulting offering, this product was built to be a strategic and tactical aid for marketers to maximise value from their audience data and optimise consumer brand experience, while also navigating the seismic shifts in data, identity and privacy due to the confluence of changes in user sentiment, regulations and technology.

What We Do

Enabling marketers to unlock maximum value from their audience data to optimise business impact and consumer brand experience.

Leveraging Essence’s data strategy and operational best practices, Essence Data Health Check provides a meticulous review of marketers’ technology stack, data collection setup, audience management approach and data deployment practice, along with actionable recommendations to increase the effectiveness of data-driven paid and owned marketing activities. All of this is done with respect towards current and future shifts in legislation and technology pertaining to consumers’ online identity and privacy. Designed for both in-house marketing teams and external agency service models, the solution also recommends measurable implementation roadmaps to track progress and capture value.

How We’re Different

A service product developed through Essence Global Ventures.

Essence Data Health Check was developed through Essence Global Ventures, our Singapore-based innovation, research and development hub.

The best practices underpinning Essence Data Health Check have been developed, tested and implemented for brands in the technology, retail, travel, luxury and financial services sectors across APAC, driving significant business growth opportunities and campaign impact.

Now available globally via our network of offices, we provide marketers with efficient, effective and actionable recommendations on how to apply our best practices to not only drive campaign impact and business growth, but also provide the best possible brand experience for their customers across both paid and owned channels - all of this while helping brands to remain future-proof in the face of the changing digital data and identity landscape.

Case Study

How Essence helped a major national retailer organise its data management platform, implement an audience segmentation programme and drive performance efficiencies.

Essence performed an audit of the data management platform (DMP) setup for a major national retailer that promoted an array of product departments. From our findings, we implemented an audience segmentation programme to organise data collected across shopping events, loyalty programmes and campaign engagements, leading to significant campaign performance gains.

We achieved this through the following:

1. DMP setup evaluation - Performed a comprehensive review of the brand’s DMP setup to identify and collect all available existing and incremental signals tracked across its ecommerce portal.

2. Audience segmentation programme - Devised a first-party audience segmentation approach and created custom high-value shopping segments for the brand’s upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign.

3. Campaign activation - Syndicated the newly-created audience segments and activated programmatically across buying platforms.

Through our audience segmentation programme, we created high-value first-party audiences organised under four new categories within the brand’s DMP. Deploying these newly-created segments allowed us to drive a 59% higher return on ad spend, 44% lower cost per conversion and 20% lower cost per page view, versus the existing audience targeting tactics.

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    Higher return on ad spend

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    Lower cost per conversion

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    Lower cost per page view


Our Essence Data Health Check leadership team

Our team brings together decades of experience to help marketers accelerate their digital transformation efforts and drive new business opportunities.

Our Essence Data Health Check consulting service helps marketers unlock maximum value from their audience data to optimise business impact and consumer brand experience.

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