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What does it take to remain independent?

16 June 2016

How do you run, grow and retain independence as an agency? The Drum's Agency Acceleration Day 2016 aimed to find out.

Our very own Andrew Shebbeare, Chief Product Officer, spoke at the event about how Essence became part of WPP's GroupM in November 2015 and remained its independence. For Andrew, "being part of a larger group doesn't necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice acting in an independent way."

“Independence isn’t about who your shareholders are… there are two factors that really make you independent or set up for success: the first is the ability to organize in a way that plays to your strengths and we’ve kept that in this deal."

“The second thought is about the future is that is it's about defining your future. The phrase "the agency of the future" is used a great deal. There is no agency of the future, there are lots of agencies of the future, but it is incumbent on us in this room to define our agency of the future. I know that my agency of the future is very clear to me and I know that this set up allows me to drive towards it.”

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